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The contact list is a database of telephone contacts, which can easily maintain and share.

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Voice Mail

Today, the Voicemail is a default application which ensures that no employee misses an important message.

Possibility of defining user acceptance and sending the message for example to an e-mail address. It is possible to listen to the message and adjust the setting of the mailbox using the xml menu of the telephone, or by making a phone call from any telephone line.

The voice mailbox can be connected to your mail account and play not only voice messages, but also electronic mail, using the speech synthetizer (TTS). This way you have the current information always at your disposal.
After listening to the e-mail you can respond by recording a voice message which will then be sent to the sender in the form of a MP3 attachment. Another way how to listen comfortably to your messages through a web application is a WWW administrator.
Every user logs in the voicemail system with their own password, ensuring that only the recipient of the message has access to it.

Notice of a new message arrived (message waiting)
can be received through all communication channels – E-mail, SMS, fax, phone call, or by lighting the pilot light on your telepone machine.

Recording on request (the "Witness function")
We offer the recording on request function on selected branch switchboards. The recorded call will be saved in your voice mailbox.

The application also supports group voice mailbox, which will especially be used by work teams or contact center workers.
The administrator of the system will be pleased by the possibility of LDAP loader and maintenance-free operation.
voice mail
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