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Early warning system 6.2

The early warning system is a special voice system serving mostly for the crisis management needs. It facilitates and speeds up communication, enables mobility of employees, optimizes accessibility and takes over troublesome routine tasks, completing them automatically and much faster, thus saving time of the responsible workers and enabling them to do more important things.

The early warning system si a communicative server. It carries out phone calls; it finds required persons on tens (hundreds) of telephone lines at the same time in an extremely short period of time, according to various defined strategies of search of people; it plays internally stored announcements, provides information by SMS; informes the crew operating the systems about the action’s progress. At the end of the action it summarizes the statistic data, including the reaction of concrete people. The system uses the most used communication channels and with the help of all the additional modules it enables assembling conferences, multiple calls to the caller, and it is possible to connect it, through standardized technological interface, with various databases, systems and mechanisms both at the input and output, etc.

These functions help solve various tasks of modern communication:

Fast information, immediate action = transmission of appeal, standby alerts
The ability to inform a great number of participants by phone and/or by other means of communication (SMS, FAX, E-MAIL) simultaneously or progressively is the basis for smooth flow of information in many areas of use:
  • for mobilization of emergency staff of fire brigades (or reserves) and volunteer rescue teams, or other teams operating during emergencies
  • for summoning the crisis staff, security councils, informing the mayors of municipalities
  • during targeted evacuation of industrial areas and big commercial buildings (the company’s buildings and premises, hotels, shopping centers etc.), during fires, floods and other emergencies or during the drills of these critical situations
  • for informing the police, hospitals, schools, authorities and media at the same time
  • for information exchange between the company headquarters and its branches for defect reporting from superior systems to mobile service technicians etc.
Informing mobile participants by text messages
You can send any text message to each participant by means of telephone, sms, e-mail or fax, to any corresponding communication device.
Choosing one only number or saying the name you can call to several phone numbers assigned to the participant. This increases the accessibility of mobile participants and shortens the waiting time of the caller.
Informing several people simultaneously = information telephone
The early warning system can be used for playing immediately recorded or prepared announcements and direct broadcasts using the speech synthetizer.
  • providing current announcements in case of industrial accidents, to calm down the public or inform the authorities and their employees
  • providing information about the environment and traffic (smog, floods, snow, current trafic situation)
  • other services, such as circulation of common information in the company, meetings, programmes of theaters and cinemas, various actions notices

The early warning system can be operated on the following interfaces:
  • IP.
  • Digital lines (ISDN BRI, PRI or PCM).
  • Analogue lines.
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