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The contact list is a database of telephone contacts, which can easily maintain and share.

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CIT Office

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IVR System

We offer Voice information systems designed according to your requests. The caller always receives the latest information (connection to the database, www etc.). Possibility of parallel operation of several systems. Every division of the company can use its own voice menu. Possibility of combining IVR (Interactive Voice Response) functionality with the automatic operator. IVR can take up the caller’s identification number, which is at the operator’s disposal immediately during the process of connection. This saves the operator’s time and spares him routine work.

Visual Kirké

For those customers who want to create or adjust their own IVR we have created Visual Kirké.
Visual Kirké is a user friendly graphic environment designed for creating IVR applications.
Emphasis is laid on reliability and user-friendliness; this means that the work with the program consists in creating development diagrams. All our appliactions, which serve reliably in the Czech Republic as well as abroad, are created in the Visual Kirké environment.
Key features:
  • Work in LAN.
  • Unlimited number of various IVR applications differing according to input parameters.
  • Reading data from external files.
  • Connection to SQL database and SQL language support.
  • Instant editing.
  • Countless pre-made functions.

Operator and Waiting queue

The automatic operator’s pleasant voice will welcome the callers and put them through to the right user or the right department, or to the operator speaking the right language.

The voice recognition application can be added to the operator, so that the caller simply states the name of the person he calls, the product or the department, and the operator recognizes the request and puts the caller through to the assigned line.

If the line is inaccessible, the operator can offer other possibilities, for example connecting to the called person’s mobile phone or leaving a voice message.

The waiting field covers the operative peak hours of your human operators. When the group of operators is fully engaged, the call is simply placed in the queue and the caller is informed of that.

The operator can change its functionality depending on the time (night mode, weekend mode).


Users can create statistics indicating the charge of each deaprtment, worker, etc.
Statistics data can be exported into .xls file for further processing.
visual Kirké environment
users statistics
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