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The contact list is a database of telephone contacts, which can easily maintain and share.

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Screen magnifier is great tool for visually impaired. New product!

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Fax Server

It has never been easier to operate a fax!
The fax server module enables the company to save on fax operation expenses.
It is not necessary to spend money on operation and maintenance of each fax machine.
Save on telephone charges by using postponed fax-sending under lower tariff.

Every user or group gets their own mailbox into which only fax documents meant for them will be delivered.
This will help prevent losses and abuse of important data.

Faxing runs in applications that enable print, which means it is independent on the office SW.

When all the fax lines are engaged, the user doesn’t have to do anything – the fax will be sent automatically after the previous tasks have been completed (depending on the users’ priority settings) and the user will be informed.
This will lessen the time demandingness of the fax communication.

Other functions:
  • New certified mail faxes receiving (fax 2 mail).
  • Information about successful/unsuccessful sending to the delivered mail.
  • Interconnection with MS Outlook or MS Exchange contacts, including distribution lists.
  • Automatic login support.
  • LDAP support.
  • Preview before sending with possibility of editing text pages, coverpage.
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