Contact list - NEW !
The contact list is a database of telephone contacts, which can easily maintain and share.

CIT Magnifier - NEW !
Screen magnifier is great tool for visually impaired. New product!

CIT Reader 6 - New version
New version has been released, you can try the demo version !

CIT.CZ® company profile

The CIT.CZ® company, ltd., specializes in supplies in the field of telecommunications, especially in voice systems and installation of transmission technology devices. Our offer includes all kinds of services, from turnkey project deliveries to counselling and consulting services to project processing and providing trainings and servicing.

Voice systems are now considered one of the youngest information technologies.
They constitute another variant of accessing information besides the internet. The voice systems involve the public at large, because it is not necessary to use a computer with internet connection; a telephone machine is fully sufficient.

CIT.CZ® specializes in the specifics of voice system connections in Czech circumstances. The CIT Office® voice systems are especially useful in such applications as Voicemail, Automatic Operator, Information Center, Monitoring etc.

  The CIT.CZ® company has developed the systemic IP SW for all the products in offer, with financial participation of the EU.

CIT.CZ® wants to continue in present dynamic growth, and orientate on several selected, highly specialized areas, in which it offers complex high-quality services.


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