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CIT Office

  • A solution of contact centers and emergency lines recording.

Contact list 2.1
  • The contact list is a database of telephone contacts, which can easily maintain and share.

Early warning system 6.2
  • A solution for critical situations control and express information procurement.

Life Control Server 1.1
  • Control system was developed for the life of the security personnel who can hurt or be at risk of life.

CIT Reader 7.2
  • Program is a personal text reader reading texts by a PC audio output using the TTS technology.
  • Contains Screen magnifier, Communication table, and plugins for MS Outlook, MS Word, Internet Explorer. Program also read any text that can be copied.
  • Screen magnifier is great tool for visually impaired. Screen magnifier simplify work on PC - everything is big enough.
  • Communication table is a tool for communication via pictures and text to speech technology.

SAPI Voices and SpeechTech
  • Text to speech (TTS) technology for Your computer.

Callhunter 5.3
  • Do you need to record your phone calls easily?
  • Do you need to note much information received during a phone call?
  • Do you need to record an important phone call with your business partner or a customer?

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