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You are entering the instruction section of our electronic shop. These instructions should help you, not only with shopping, but with total orientation. If you are visiting us for the first time, these instructions should be your starting point where you will find all of the basic information relating to payment, guarantees, shipping methods and everything else that you would like to ask about in relation to internet shopping. If you do have any further questions, send them to e-Shop .
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Possible methods of payment and postal charges

1) Postal delivery (only for product Callhunter® for AudioIn and splitter)

If you choose this type of registered delivery through Czech Post ( possible only for the product Callhunter® and splitter) the mailing cost is included in the product cost.
In sending your order through Czech Post, Czech Post will first attempt to personally deliver the goods then, if unsuccesful, will leave the package stored at your local post office for 14 days.
If you have any problems with this mail delivery contact us by e mail at: e-Shop.
Should you order through our e shop Callhunter® and splitter and further products, we will automatically send our products Callhunter® and splitter by registered delivery and the other products will be sent electronically following confirmation of payment by bank transfer.

2) Bank transfer (for CIT WordReader, CIT MailReader, upgrade Callhunter® for audioIn)

If you choose to pay by bank transfer please print the order confirmation directly from our web page, as this contains the account number as well as variable symbols which will identify your payment. The bank account details follow: account number 51-2092060287/0100, Komercni Banka, Praha 9.
Further you can ask that a taxation document be sent to you. The system automatically will not send this taxation document.

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