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You are entering the instruction section of our electronic shop. These instructions should help you, not only with shopping, but with total orientation. If you are visiting us for the first time, these instructions should be your starting point where you will find all of the basic information relating to payment, guarantees, shipping methods and everything else that you would like to ask about in relation to internet shopping. If you do have any further questions, send them to e-Shop .
How to proceed with purchasing?
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How to proceed with purchasing?

Purchasing in our shop is very easy but even so please permit us to provide simple instructions on correct purchasing. Please follow these instructions:

  • Choose an order title (SW).
  • By clicking on the command in the hypertext download section you will begin to download the trial version of the chosen product. The download version has limited program functions and time ( 45 days ). At the end of the licensed time you will need to purchase the program either through the on line help contained in the program or through the ordering system in our e-shop.
  • If you are interested in our product, click on the button "buy". At this time nothing is definite, the order can be cancelled at any time.
  • If you wish to purchase more items, you can again search, examine, choose and if you are interested then at the end enter in the table the chosen number of items for each product.
  • Once you have completed your selection and wish to order the products, click on the button "order". You are still able to complete final changes - products that you do not want can be excluded by putting the number "0" in the item number column, and in the same way you can increase the number of items. After finalising your corrections click on the button " count ". If you now agree with your order click on "order". Of course nothing is yet binding.
  • On the next page you will see the complete order including the complete price. Next it is important for the order to complete the customer details and check the complete order. When you agree with the order click on "send". By doing this, the order becomes binding on both parties.
  • After the order is successfully sent and entered into our database this will be shown as confirmed in your order. Confirmation will also be sent to you by e mail. Please note that should you not receive confirmation by e mail it is possible that your order was not correctly received. Please contact us if this occurs.

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